Wednesday, 26 December 2007


Under the denominator 'Changement Régulier' the first floor of block E of the Léopold barracks, the building where my studio is established, became each time embellished with a work of myself and changed on regular basis. More than twenty works have been exposed for a period of a year and brought extra colour and live into the building, which offers access to visual artists and mucisians. Althought the initiative could count on a lot of positive responses, this project finishes with a negative note.

The last work that was exhibitioned was a polyptych (50 x 200 cm., oil on canvas) and never shown before. Here the painting is see entirely still on archive image, but unfortuneatly the third panel is stolen.

Of the robber is lacking any track at the moment. The painting has been seen last in completeness on Sunday evening 23 December 2007, but since Tuesday morning 25 December that could have been no longer said. The separate panel is worthless and it's also not signed.

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