Tuesday, 18 December 2007

All True Artists

The multidisciplinary jury of the art competition All True Artists, existing out of eight renowned artists and programmators (Luc Tuymans, Dieter Roelstraete, Carla Arocha, Stephane Schraenen, Martijn Vogelaers, Alex Salinas and fashion label Les Hommes) made a shortlist of twenty finalists and has chosen four winners. The disclosure of the selected artists and prize distribution takes place Saturday the 22th of December at 22h.00 in Lucy* in Antwerp.

A collective exhibition with the twenty finalists of this art competition will take place from Saturday the 22th of December 2007 till Sunday the 6th of January 2008.
You can visit the exhibition on Thursday and Friday from 12h.00 till 15h.00 and from 18h.00 till 22h.00, during the weekend from 14h.00 till 22h.00.

adress: Lucy*, Arthur Building, Solvijnstraat 72, B-2018 Antwerp

(Update 20/12/2007)

Not as mentioned in my post there are four winners, but apparently all twenty finalists.

Winners All True Artists art competition:
Lode Geens, Ben Van Alboom, Peter Puype, Frank Janssens, Gerd de Clerq, Marijke De Wagter, Jarno Kettunen, Rosalie Plateau, Alexa Crouwers, Brantt, Ken De Keyser, Lars Damoiseax, Jeroen Van Mol, Sarah Devos, Angela de Sarabia, Joyce Caris, Chaometric, Emilie Bonjé, Yannick Milpas, Kika Da Silva & Yorgen Sonck

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