Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer in the City #2

The next group exhibition Summer in the City #2 takes place in Gallery Cypres into the city of Louvain.

The opening celebration is on Sunday the 4th of July at 15h.00 and you can visit the exhibition till the 5th op September 2010.

During the exhibition the gallery is open everyday from 14h.00 till 18h.00, also on Saturday and Sunday.

Adress: Gallery Cypres, Vaartstraat 131, B-3000 Louvain

Participating Artists:
Elise Berkvens, Brantt, Sarah Carlier, André Catalao, Theo De Roey, Joachim Devillé, Jan De Vliegher, Johan Daenen, Ann Dieltjens, Yoko Enoki, Peter Jacquemin, Edith Ronse, Sigrid Tanghe, Nele Tas, Eric Van Hove, Jan Vissers en Tom Woestenborghs.

Curator: Paul Poelmans & Pieter Vereertbrugghen

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Four annual Provincial prize for Fine Arts West-Flanders

I'm nominated for the third edition of the four annual Provincial prize for Fine Arts West-Flanders.

Studio Brantt, 2010
Studio Brantt, 2010... ... ...

Elke Desutter (°1987, Bruges), video
Stephanie Leblon (°1970, Ypres), painting

Arthur Ameel (°1932, Bruges), painting
Brantt (°1977, Kortrijk), sculpture
Joachim Coucke (°1983, Waregem), sculpture and collage
Evelien Hiele (°1984, Poperinge), painting and collage
Wendy Morris (°1960, Namibia, lives in Deerlijk), animation movie and drawings
Jasper Rigolle (°1980, Bruges), film and installation
Nele Van Canneyt (°1973, Kortrijk), photography
Robin Vermeersch (°1977, Kortrijk), sculpture

Joost Declercq, Adriaen Raemdonck, Christine Vuegen

The offical proclamation will take place at the opening of the exhibition on Sunday the 12th of December in Ostend.