Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Four annual Provincial prize for Fine Arts West-Flanders

I'm nominated for the third edition of the four annual Provincial prize for Fine Arts West-Flanders.

Studio Brantt, 2010
Studio Brantt, 2010... ... ...

Elke Desutter (°1987, Bruges), video
Stephanie Leblon (°1970, Ypres), painting

Arthur Ameel (°1932, Bruges), painting
Brantt (°1977, Kortrijk), sculpture
Joachim Coucke (°1983, Waregem), sculpture and collage
Evelien Hiele (°1984, Poperinge), painting and collage
Wendy Morris (°1960, Namibia, lives in Deerlijk), animation movie and drawings
Jasper Rigolle (°1980, Bruges), film and installation
Nele Van Canneyt (°1973, Kortrijk), photography
Robin Vermeersch (°1977, Kortrijk), sculpture

Joost Declercq, Adriaen Raemdonck, Christine Vuegen

The offical proclamation will take place at the opening of the exhibition on Sunday the 12th of December in Ostend.

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